Possible to download MN4 separately rather than upgrade?

Looks like quite a few issues with version 4, so I am afraid to upgrade.
Is it possible to download MN4 and run it as a standalone so I can revert to 3 if problems arise? I don’t see any documentation regarding 4/upgrades on the MN website.

Yes, they are completely independent applications that you need to download separately in the App Store

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Ah, so I cannot purchase it directly (with education discount) as I did for MN3?
I appreciate your response!

The educational discount purchases are DMG files and they haven’t yet released it for us yet. You are correct, the App Store version is what @AW2307 mentioned. Also, I have the beta of 4.0.2 and 3.25 both on my Mac and they both exist fine. They don’t share the same data files.

I assume the difficulty they are having with the DMG thing is the fiasco with the purchase methods they used for that. We will see. They said 3 months about 2 weeks ago on the Chinese forums.

As an aside, the Chinese forums are far more busy than these, but with no fewer complaints.


Thanks so much for sharing this information.