Presentation mode

Is there any plan to make presentation mode for the MN3? I sometimes use the pointer in the GoodNote5. And to do that, I always need to export the annotated document in the MN3 and the mind map.
Also I use the pointer when reading the textbook, to chase the point where I am reading.

Hello, shikisakeyata.

Thanks for your support, we do currently have plans for a standalone app on the presentation aspect, where the data is interconnected with Marginnote.



Thank you

Do you have any ideas for the scenario of the presentation? Personally, I’m very curious how Marginnote’s notes will be used for teaching or lecturing.


The created mind map is crucial for lecturing. People can show first the mind map and after that go details. After that we can go to next topic and to make the students understood where they are studying, again we can show the mind map. Also the MN3 have the function can omit unneeded note. So, show the mind map->show topic’s note/slides-> show the mind map-> show topic’s note/slide.

We can use this for lectures and also for YouTube lecture if we can use pointer.

And also if it is possible could you add the pointer also for a normal MN3, during the reading I can chase the position where I am reading.