Preserving document annotations when creating a new mindmap for that document

i’m new to marginnote and i need tips on how to most effective use the app’s intended features.
use case: i’m studying for my doctoral licensing exam, which include a great wealth of different topics split across 30+ documents. a lot of the information overlap in such a sense that multiple medications used for different treatments can have the same side effects and such, for example. i tried annotating in the study mode with all the docs added at once but the auto add to mindmap keeps creating a new node at the bottom or the wrong location instead of where i want it to. my docs don’t have a table of contents so neither of the auto insert features work properly for me. So then i tried creating a new notebook for each topic but i then realized that the annotations don’t get carried over to the new “notebook” for that same one document.

so my question is, how to i get the notes from the same document to “transfer" over to that same document in the second mindmap notebook? similarly, how to i combine all the notes i had annotated for that one document and display them all at once without having to switch mindmap notebooks?

thank you