Pressure on Apple Pencil to quick switch selection mode

I often need to quickly need to switch from selecting text to highlighting, or the other way around - but I do not want to switch the tool because this takes time, especially when I only want to switch mode for one time.

When making a selection with the Apple Pencil, it would be great if I could use pressure on the Apple Pencil to convert the selection into a highlight.

Similarly, while in Highlight mode, it would be great if I could use pressure to temporarily change the Highlight into a Selection.

The pressure would be applied while still dragging with the Pencil. So, for instance I could be dragging a selection and at the end I would press down on the Apple Pencil to switch the selection to a highlight - before letting go of the Apple Pencil.

Example when in Highlight mode:

Drag to Highlight (don’t let go of Apple Pencil):

While still dragging, Hard Press on Apple Pencil switches Highlight to Selection:

Releasing Apple Pencil confirms Selection: