Problem with DEVONthink exports

I’ve tried to export my MarninNote-created annotations through the DEVONthink export, which is supposed to create a folder containing individual rtf / rtfd files per each annotation.

The problem is, MN’s DEVONthink export does NOT produce all of the annotations through this export format. For instance, when I export the same document via Word docx format there are 11 annotations; when I use the DEVONthink export, it only produces 3 rtf / rtfd files.

I don’t mean to be difficult – quite the opposite, since I want MrginNote to improve and succeed! – but this is why I posted my earlier suggestions re: preferred PDF formats & function, including the option to export to iThoughts, and (most importantly, perhaps) a suggestion made by many developers and users to include CSV or Tab-delim formats.



If you found some bug about DT export , you can send us the specific case(the notebook).

Yes, of course. Just guide me about what I can provide.

BTW, this is a document export, not a notebook export. But to my thinking, it shouldn’t matter – all exports should work as intended, of course. Unless I’m missing something…

Ok, so you’d like me to export it into a back up format, and send it to - correct?

Well, I sent you guys the file to the support email address. Let me know what else I can do. Thanks again!

Received, I’ll check it.

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Hi, I’m also experiencing this under Version 3.2.2 (3.2.2003).