Problem with thumbnails for two-way note links

I have a question regarding dragging mindmap “nodes” to other screens as two-way links, as demonstrated in the image below:

The resulting note has an attached “thumbnail” link at the bottom as what you call a “comment”:

As you can see, the thumbnail is rather large and takes up a large portion of screen space in the side margin. The reason is because it includes a couple of images from the linked note. Is there a way to “shrink” this thumbnail? This is also why I preferred the old MarginNotes ability to scroll within note comments in the sidebar. Perhaps if the link was just the title of the other note. I recall it used to be this way, but now it’s not anymore.

Hello sjd,
Here is a tip to shrink the thumbnails: use two fingers to pinch the outline, and all notes will be folded and only these titles will be displayed in the outline.
If it still cannot meet your needs, please tell me.