Provide Hyperlink back to Web Page that was captured

With respect to WebDownloads, Can you please add a menu option that hyperlinks back to the original website from which the pdf was captured.

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Hello kvdjms,
Welcome to the MarginNote Forum and thanks for the information provided. I will record your request in our feature list.
Best Regards!

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This is also a feature I would need.

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This would be super useful

I need this feature too. Will be very useful!

To better know more details of this feature and your needs, could you please give me more information. As far as Iā€™m concerned, some users want MN3 to enable them to add hyperlink to the text, like Microsoft Word.
I totally agree with kvdjms and I make a simple schematic.

If you still have some different suggestions, please tell me. Thanks!
MN Support Team

For me an option in the menu or better still a toolbar button that activates hyperlink (url of webdownload), launches browser and loads web page

A further option to update the webdownload with latest version of that web page would be awesome.