PSA: Do NOT update to iOS 14!

I did the installation on my iPad Pro 11” and now I cannot select text in a PDF with any degree of precision at all. Completely useless for highlighting or excerpting - no matter how carefully I place my finger or Apple Pencil, more than 50% of the time I am unable to select what I need to select - I cannot control the start point of the selection, there are big gaps in a passage that remain unselected, and big chunks of text ABOVE the selected passage get selected - this stuff is nowhere near the stuff I’m trying to select. Just 100% unworkable and I will no longer be able to use MarginNote on the iPad until this is fixed - beware!

Hello, would you be so kind as to record a video explaining this? We haven’t heard any feedback from other users either ~ it shouldn’t be an iOS 14 issue.

I have now updated my iPad Mini - 5th generation, I think. I am NOT seeing this issue on this device. I have wiped the first one and will reinstall - with luck the problem will resolve.