Re upload docs to iCloud

I was having storage issues with my iCloud and I deleted some MarginNotes backed up files from my unit to free some space… then I got the desktop version of MarginNotes and realised that I really need these docs in the cloud to actually view them on my laptop.

Is there a way to resync those docs from my iPad to the cloud to be able to see them in my desktop app as well?

Thank you


Have you tried this?

Is there still a MarginNote 3 folder in your icloud file structure? If so drag and drop what you want to use in MN3 into there, I do that all the time.

Yes, there is. But will just doing that make all the document connections back?

I don’t know is the simple answer, I suppose it will depend, on part, how the file was saved. If I were you I’d give it a go and see what happens