Real time editing of the same mind map between Mac OS and iPad

Hi. I was recently using Marginnote on my iPad while I had my Mac open as well. I noticed that the app gave me a notification in MacOS that Marginnote was open on my iPad. Clicking on the notification, it brought me to the same view on the Mac as I was seeing on the iPad. Amazing!

However, I had a few questions about how this works. I noticed that every time I made an update to the mind map on my iPad, I would be asked if I wanted to overwrite the new notebook on my Mac. Is there a way to automatically sync changes that I make in one place to the notebook in another? If so, this is an absolutely amazing feature. For instance, I could be reading a document on my iPad, take an excerpt and integrate it into the mind map on the big screen of my Mac.

Would you be able to provide any additional instruction on this feature and how to use it most effectively. I have been wary of using MarginNote on both my iPad and Mac at the same time due to the sync issues that have been mentioned many times on the forums (it takes a very long time to sync changes from my iPad to iCloud). So I’d want to make sure this feature is robust across devices.

Also, I am using a Mac mini 2014 with Catalina OS installed, however this hardware does not support sidecar so I can’t actually use any sidecar specific features, will this affect my ability to do real-time co-editing of a notebook on my Mac and iPad?

I realize now that this is the handoff feature for Mac (apologies I am new to the Apple ecosystem). I’m very happy that this is supported and would love to see this extended into synchronous editing between my Mac and iPad.

Hello, Neuroengineer. We are in the process of making comprehensive improvements to marginnote’s sync and will support webdav’s sync in subsequent releases.