Reality check about sync/iCloud (especially deletion)

Hi folks,
I come and go from MN depending on my workflows. One thing I’ve never got to the bottom of, and would like a reality check about, is ‘should sync remove things across devices?’ I use two different macs, two different iPads and removing on one has never removed on the other so I do an elaborate dance, putting them in a category and periodically purging them, separately for documents and Study documents. It’s very fiddly. Am I missing something simpler or is this ‘non-destructive’ sync the design?
Eg if I remove something from iCloud, should it vanish on other devices? If I delete it while in iCloud, should it vanish? Anyway to delete the accompanying documents (etc). If I’m honest this is what puts me off using it a lot of the time…but perhaps I’ve misunderstood the design.

Works fine for me, but takes sometime to update across devices. It is not instantaneous like StudySets. Presumably due to the document size.

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Works well for me too. But I think you need to press ‘Cloud Sync’ to let the sync take place.

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Thanks folks. I’ve left for hours in the past but I’m going to put that down to my iCloud being cluttered (and Study sets often take longers). I’ll be more patient;)