Reference card and storage space

Hi all,
how does a reference card work concerning storage space. Is it a separate card using additional storage space, which then could increase the amount of used storage space of MarginNote significantly (I have a lot of cards, that include pictures), if the function is used often?
Or is just the connection to the new place, that is stored in the database and therefore the storage space remains more or less the same if used extensively?

Thanks for your help

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Has anyone any ideas?

Still no answer?


Dear Support Team,
I know that you are very busy, but could you please give me a one sentence answer. For me storage space is critica and I do not want to make a wrong decision how I structure my work with MarginNote.
Thanks in advance.

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For a note card with a picture to be referenced 150 times, the difference in data size of the notebook before and after referencing is no more than 50 kb. In fact, referencing the card takes up a fairly small amount of memory and can be ignored.In addition, for a note card with a picture, referencing the picture of the card does not increase the amount of data storage.

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Support Team

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Thank you very much for the answer. That is great to hear!
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That’s good to hear. Maybe this information could be added in user guide too.