Reference mode in MN4

In MN3, reference mode included a mark on the reference card, which helped me identify these cards within my notes. By tapping this mark, I could easily navigate to the original card. However, in MN4, this mark no longer appears, causing significant issues for me. Can you please tell me how to enable this mark on the reference cards, or is it a feature that has been removed in MN4?

For cards with references, you can still select the card to access the other reference.

However, it does seem that there is no longer an indicator to distinguish cards with references from those without.

I also miss this indicator. Perhaps there is some other (better) way this use case gets addressed in MN4, but I haven’t found it so far.

I can access the original card, but without a distinct indicator on the reference card, I need to tap the “>” indicator on each card to check if it’s a reference card. Therefore, I request the support team to provide a different indicator for the reference card in the next update.

+1 yes please