Refresh/re-import changed PDF

I am working on a PDF which is updated outside of MN (added content), is there a way to refresh the. PDF in MN?
Currently, it looks like MN is saving a “copy” of the PDF at the time of import and is unaware of changes to it…

My use case is a PDF of lectures which I type using LaTeX, it is updated daily, I then want to work on it using MN to create MindMaps, notes, etc.



+1 I would like to do this as well.


Bump. Any solution for this?

any news on this? Has anyone been able to solve this?


This can't be done, but of course I don't know if there are some alternatives. But Marginnote currently relies on "MD5" values to identify PDFs, which may result in a new PDF corresponding to changes made to the PDF in Marginnote. we will try to improve the storage technology, which is a big project.

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Support Team

It would be great if I could take notes with Notability or OneNote and be able to see that note update inside MN3 so I can use these notes with my other documents.

There is an alternative.
(For example, the original document is a 10-page document and an additional 11, 12… Only possible if you added the pages in order. Problems occur when new pages are added between pages 1 and 9 of the document.)
1 First, delete the original document (delete documents from the cloud as well). You must leave the notebook file.)
2 Load the changed document.
3 Open notebook (mind map). The document will not display because you deleted the original document.
4~ Set the same procedure as the screenshot I uploaded.

This is a hassle, but you can keep your laptop and update your documents.