Release Notes 📝

Could someone please point me to a detailed release notes location on the website or in the forum. I’d like to start as well informed on changes as possible.


I also wish there was something like that. I’ve just updated to last version 3.7.5 but there was no info whatsoever about what has been updated. Hopefullly is “just” bug fixes, as there are many things that doesn’t work or work partially and therefore are not useful, but I’d also like to see what’s been fixed so that I know that I could use them now…
Maybe there is already a page for releases but can’t find it either…

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On macOS the information is very sparse for the last update but if you check on iOS they spelled out much more. Still I’d prefer a dedicated post in the forum or a page where it is published.

Thanks. I failed to discover any information whatsoever in macOS, though. And I don’t use any iOS device…


Thank you so much for your advice.

3.7.5 is just majorly bug fixes, and different bugs occur on different devices so we did not specify all the bugs we have dealt with. (for example, on 3.7.4, the marginnote running on older MacOS (10.13 or earlier) would sometimes crush.)

If you feel everything works smoothly, then it is absolutely fine.

If there are new features, we will definitely specify it in App Store, or even make a tutorial for it so it is more easy-to-use.

We will keep a weather eye in the future.

Kind Regards,
Support Team