Release Timeline?

Hi Gang!

I am new to the MarginNote family. What is the release timeline for MarginNote 3 for Mac?

Is there a beta or pre-release available for interested parties?

Thanks a lot.


I was also wondering about this – specifically when MN3 will be released on the Mac App Store. Thanks much!

Hi Todd,
I thought I saw your incoming email this morning as well.
The non-MAS(Mac App Store) licensed version of MarginNote 3 on Mac is on the shelf and we will update our website in a few days to make it official.
The Mac AppStore version is coming up as well.
MN3 on Mac offers upgrade and edu code for MN2 license holders and new student/teacher users respectively. The coupon codes are for the licensed version only. As in AppStore version, we would also offer upgrade entry for users of MAS-version MN2.

Support Team

Hi Marlowe,
Mac AppStore version is coming up soon as well, a ballpark ETA would be late September and early October.

Awesome. MarginNote 3 purchase and rolling along. Currently working through syncing issues with iCloud. Will report back as needed.

Is there a beta of the version 3 manual hiding somewhere I haven’t found?