Remove or Increase the limitation in increasing size of picture type excerpts

When we inserting relatively small size “picture type excerpts”, we can’t increase their size to a size that we can see without big zooming.
I know the size increasing limit of a photo is depend on their size in pdf.
But why this limitation as the canvas is infinite? I like mind map view than outline view.
This is trouble students who are studying with a lot of pictures(eg-Anatomy).

It would be very useful if you guys can remove this limitation or increase this limitation.



Do you mean the size of the image in the card will automatically fit? We have not yet found a reliable technology to implement this feature.

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Support Team

I meant this

Sometimes ı look at your replying and I think this forum is created for bullying users.
Because for example there are 10 request for same subject, and the these so called team members treat like they heard it first times
Why you talk about technology bullshit in here @Support-Team , why you don’t say honestly this request has been told many times and you don’t care it any of them.

He doesn’t want Limited cards as clearly you can understand. But you talk about pixels or technology trash, so you are answering with manipulating directions.

If you don’t care, say we don’t care. You don’t have to bully users wıth manipulated answers.

You don’t have to talk about technology. You need to do your jop and explain it.

And I don’t understand why such a brilliant app creator has got a trash like team… @admin

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Marginnote users may be students, media workers, professors, or other identities, and everyone’s situation is different. I think it’s rude to assume that someone is talking about the same topic as previous posts just because there are some similar descriptions in the post.

I am replying in the hope that there will be no misunderstanding or confusion as to what you meant, and not to manipulate the direction of the conversation as you mentioned. I do not wish to debate with you any further on this subject.

Personal attacks don’t get you the results you want, and Perceptual descriptions like “bullying users” are no more powerful than substantive evidence.

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If you are changing the size of the card through this operation, and then making the image excerpt larger, it does have limitations, and this cannot be changed yet.

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When the size of a image on PDF is small, the maximum size of the corresponding image excerpt is also small. (If the image on PDF is large it is not a much issue)
So I am requesting a feature to remove or increase the limitation in size increasing of image excerpts. Please consider about that.