Reset syncing


After some problems with syncing I’m trying to completely reset everything to a clean setup with no documents or notes. I removed and installed both the app on macos and ipados, macos is syncing to the icloud now but ipados is still stuck, in the icloud menu entry the document tab is working, but:

  • doc notebook
  • mindmap notebook
  • card deck

show a progress spinner with “Database sync error”, “ICloud Error report: ()”

Anyone know how to set this up (it’s manual sync btw). For now I don’t care about the data.

Nevermind I got it working after helplessly removing all icloud related and reinstalling the applications entry, I think what solved it was removing all QReader entries in “Library/Application Support”.

Hopefully the new syncing will be in 3.7/3.8 ? Looking forward to webdav support…

I dream every single day with new sync like evernote or noteability.

and I’m afraid to die reading “Fetching data from icloud…”