Reversed card for language learning

So I’m using MarginNote to study Indonesian from English.
In that regard I’m highlighting words and making flash cards of Indonesian words which I export to Anki, but I only get flash cards of Indonesian words to English. Anki supports reversed cards which would enable me to use the same flash card from Indonesian to English and from English to Indonesian, but I see no option to export the flash cards as these reversed flash cards in MarginNote.
Any tips on how to achieve this?

Do you want to export them to anki or to export them reversed to anki ?

I would like an easy way to be able to create double reversed flash cards.
Meaning making a regular flash card and then easily be able to copy that into a new flash card that is reversed.
Then I’ll be able to export it to Anki or use it inside MarginNote

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This is how I create reversed FlashCards for language learning
I make a two-way link between the Q; A
It won’t work if you merge them …


Oh nice, that would work! Thank you!

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