Rotate capture?

Hi there.

I’m in awe with Marginnote 3. My reading on the iPad has been forever transformed!

For now, I only miss one thing that I believe is not possible. I’m reading some PDF’s that are vertical in design but that place some full-page images horizontally. When I capture the image (with rect excerpt) the excerpt goes into the mindmap canvas vertically and I would like to be able to rotate the excerpt 90 degrees to have it aligned in the same direction as text on the mindmap.

Would appreciate knowing whether I’m missing something and if not, it this could be incorporated in newer versions.

Thank you.


Hello, jlm .Thank you for your support.

Could you please take a screenshot or record a video of the operation process to describe your requirements in detail?


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I have the same issue/request. A lot of my academic papers have the models pasted in vertically so in order to read them I have to rotate my head or my device. Love the app otherwise (can’t ever describe how awesome it is.)


Hello Dana, sorry for the delay in responding, I will submit your screenshots and description to the development department, is there anything else you’d like to add?

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I would also appreciate this feature ( image rotation after adding a Rect Excerpt )

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Hello, thank you for your feedback, we have seen that indeed many PDFs have this diagram in them. We will consider it.

Kind Regards,
Support Team


We definitely need this!! pls!

Hi, any updates on this? This feature is fundamental.

Thank you

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Any news on this?