【Sample Guide】Choose the view to remove

In study mode, if i have enabled split view of 2 or 3 views , how do I then selectively choose the view I want to get rid of ?

You must be in split view by tap Top-Right menu – ‘Multi-Document Split View’.

If you want to ger rid of one view, it’s the same way to open Multi-Document Split View ( Manager ) .

In the top of the manager, there are two buttons ‘+’ and ‘-’. Tap on ‘-’ means close view. When you want change the book of view, tap book name in Split view manager or by chose the view you want to change in study mode and select in Tags bar.

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Thanks for the response. But that does not seem to answer my query. How would your suggested solution allow me to SELECTIVELY close a view? If i split my document into 3 views, for example. I decide to close the middle view, leaving top and bottommost view. Can that be done?

Currently, based on my observation, if i tap “-”, it will always remove the last view first.

Yes, it will always remove the last view first.

You have to change what the last view is, ahead of removing it. My steps just show two ways for changing the view content.

About more precise way to close certain view:
In the next MN version 3.5, you cloud create a multi-doc split view by IOS native Split feature. MN has supported the sidecar and multi-open ready.

Wish that MN can provide feature to allow us to close certain view.

Support IOS native split is indeed a great news! But unfortunately for my purpose, I would actually prefer the MN’s built-in split, rather than iOS native split. Let me explain why:

Imagine I am reading a pdf. Halfway through, I wanted to enable 2 views of my current page. Current MN can do just that!
However, if we rely on iOS native split, that would mean I have to open another instance of MN, and manually scroll to the page in the new instance. That would be a bit more work.
That is why I would prefer MN’s build-in split, and hope that MN could be enhanced to allow removal of the selected view.

Nevertheless, i will still look forward to support of iOS native split, and see if it really suits my workflow.

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