Search all notes (including Unadded excerpts) inside Documents and Notebooks

Is it possible to search for content in notes that are not in the MindMap (in the Unadded Excerpts section).

Sometimes I highlight passages and write comments but I don’t add them to the MindMap. I can’t seem to find how to search for these notes.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi David,

Thanks for contacting us on the MarginNote Forum.

1.You could search for content by clicking magnifying glass icon which is on the top right corner and typing what you are looking for. But it is feasible only when your pdf is searchable. In order to solve the problem, I recommend you to try OCR PRO. After the Document recognized, you can easily search for content.

2.In order to find the highlighted notes which are not added to the MindMap, you could also click the magnifying glass icon. Here are some pictures to enable better understanding.