Search for ToC(PDF Innative)

I mainly use teaching materials as a pdf for learning.
There are a lot of major books in college.
Because I often deal with digital documents, it is essential to work with toc.
It is convenient because it has the ability to import toc from marginnote.
But it doesn’t seem to support search.

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Hello, please also make sure that your notebook contains a text layer and please copy an entry from the document to the search bar as sometimes the words in the document can be wrong.
There are two possible problems with this.
① If you can not use the text excerpt tool, then this document is not a text version of PDF, there is no text layer, you can not search directly within the document, you need OCR Pro, and open the search box on the right side of the search box “OCR” to be able to search, it will take some time for the full text of the OCR processing, please be patient.
② if it contains a text layer, it may be the search text and document text is not the same text encoding or a typo problem, in many cases this should be the case.
It is recommended that you copy the text from the document to the search box and then search.