Search in document / search in notes

Hi, an idea to make working with MN3 even more efficient …
Typically, when I search for a term I search at my notes first and if I dont’t find it there I do another search within the whole document.
If I don’t expect a hit at my notes I might do the search at the document (first).
How about that I can do searching in my notes (on the left side) in parallel while searching the whole document (on the right side) with typing the searched term once?
Or (alternatively/second best) … I’m able with a single click to use the search term from the one search for the other.
Thanks for considering.

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I could have sworn I have seen this feature but clearly it was not on the Mac. In fact, it is a feature on the iPad. I’m surprised we don’t have that option as well on the Mac! You can, as I see you know, search each separately.

Best is to have both options … - search separately and search in parallel.