Selecting the spaced-repetition algorithm

This is a feature request. I would like to be able to change the spaced repetition algorithm. While helpful, my impression is that the current algorithm is not as effective as ANKI’s (for example). When I don’t know a flashcard, even the hard button schedules too far in the future. If I don’t know it, I should have to repeat it very soon, not many days later.

If we’re able to choose from different algorithms I think this problem would be solved. Maybe even enable people to create new algorithms ad add-ons.

Many thanks!



Hello, we have received your suggestion and will feed it back to the developers. Thank you for your support for MarginNote

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Yes. This is much needed.

Hey there, Iam wondering if you can give a timeline or a status update of this frequently asked feature. I personally suggested it about a year ago and heared nothing about it?

Thanks in advance - with best regards