Show Links on Note Cards Disappeared in 3.6.12

Installed 3.6.12. My documents have many links and before they showed on the face of the note card. Now the links are no longer showing. I looked in the menu and there was a command to “show links in note card” but before I could click it the command disappeared and there is no way to make the links show on the note card.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, resynchronized all my files, and tried every menu and command I can but I can not make this feature of showing links on note cards appear again.

Help me.

I have the same problem and I REALLY want these links shown back in my cards.

In 3.6.14 if a selected mind map node has a link then the “Show links in MindMap nodes” option appears in the three-dot menu, otherwise the option is never shown anywhere AFAICT.