Slow MN 🐢

I talked about the binding hand writing to node speciality
Unfortunately there are so many slow!!! process that makes this app unusable
The users can’t stand if the speciality slows after mind maps bigger without looking at the beauty of speciality

These stoppages comes out clearly after using mind map with ( 100 -200) < nodes (captures)
The app doesn’t answer anything while waiting.
By the way I am using - iPad Pro 2020 (12.9) 512 gb- I even can’t imagine other iPad speeds!!!

handwriting - binding node (speciality) : 8-10 seconds
opening and closing child mind maps : 3-5 seconds
after some links to other mind maps : 3-5 seconds
Adding tag on nodes in mind map : 3-5 seconds
closing node little screen after writing something under comment section (with handwrite) 3-5 seconds

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I'm sorry for the bad experience. You can use database Defragmentation to improve software performance


Kind Regards,
Support Team