Slow syncing due to speed cap

Dear MarginNote Team

Synchronisation appears to be capped at a low speed. I believe this change was introduced to save battery life when using Cellular Internet but it does not make much sense when connecting using high speed WiFi.

Can the speed cap please be removed when connected via WiFi? It is very inconvenient having to wait such a long time to synchronise documents, especially when using mutliple devices.


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I found that the documents usually were uploaded in my iCloud- closing and reopening the app had better success than doing a manual synchronization in the app.

Additional feature request in MacOS: Allow to open the menu to synchronize from within the document tab as well, not just within Study Mode.

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What’s the “speed cap”?

I have noticed that when synchronising the download speed is limited. Hence, files do not download as quickly as they should.

Hi Jun,

I’ve entered your issue to dev. the day before yesterday.And we will check and continued to optimize the issues with Icloud sync.Thanks for your report.

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Support Team

Please enable WebDAV, so I can use my own cloud. ty :slight_smile:

Syncing still seems rather slow. From my network monitor, it seems sync speeds are capped at around 50kb/s and hence it takes a long time to complete. My Internet connection is many times faster than this so that isn’t the problem.

I am running both IOS and OSX version. IOS has no issues syncing with iCloud. However the OSX version is not working. It takes multiple attempts of closing reopening the app. Might be the slow upload mentioned above, dont know which version they are using.

Hey, Lanco

Did the developers manage to look into this?