【Solved】Auto Merge Toggle

I’m often highlighting related notes in a passage, which I want to have in the same note. It is time consuming to have to later merge these highlights together.

Would it be possible to have an On/Off button for an Auto Merge feature? This would automatically merge any new highlights to the currently selected note, instead of creating a new note card.

Ideally this button would be in an easily accessible part of the interface, e.g. the toolbar, so it can easily be turned On and Off with one tap.

Dear MarginNote team

I would love to know if this is something that can be considered. The default behaviour is for every highlight to create a new node. An Auto Merge On/Off feature would change this behaviour to merge the next highlight to the previous node instead of creating a new node.

This would be a great feature to add to this menu:

This would have a similar effect to the Merge button:


Hi Jun,

Thanks your advice.We planed to add the keyboard shortcut for merge in next update. Hope will help your workflow.

Best regrads,
Support Team

Dear Lanco

Thank you very much for raising this with the team. A keyboard shortcut for merge does indeed sound helpful so I look forward to this landing.


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Next update will release in early Sep. with IpadOS and contains this shortcut.