Some issues on keyboard and permissible letters in names

I can not put slashes and some other letters in the name of a document. I would be happy to use also those letters in names.

Moreover when using the feature on the iPad of creating a cursor by using two fingers on the keyboard one has to be really precise because there is no locking to the current line. If possible one should include a locking to the current line mechanism like it is right on this forum when I am typing this post right now.

Thank you for your letter, would you please upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Ok, here it is:

Hello, slashes are generally not allowed in filenames, as they can cause the system to run errors due to ambiguity.

Of course this a fair reason, I already suspected this, but I would also like to have this option, maybe add some information to the file where the name is stored. This problem is universal, yet this app is designed to be a file management system among other things and is no whole computer, so theoretically one could take that approach as in this case I would favor handling over simplicity.