Some of Marginnote 3 keyboard shortcuts I found

I found some keyboard shortcuts by trial & error.

Really hope these things are documented by the devs so that I can google it or bookmark it later on…

Hope you guys find it helpful.

  1. cmd + a: select all nodes
  2. cmd + c: copy node
    2-1. cmd + shift + c: copy node link
  3. cmd + x: cut node
  4. cmd + v: paste node
  5. cmd + n: open note when a node is selected.
  6. cmd + shift + l: change mindmap style (titles only)
  7. cmd + e: go to focus mode.
  8. cmd + g: escape focus mode.

These are all that I could find but I think there should be more.

This really should be documented.


If you hold down the command button in the iPad version then it shows you the shortcuts. I’m not sure if the list there is complete.


Didn’t know this! Thanks! Seems like there are bunch more than what I’ve found.

Just started using the MN3 application. Thank you. Very, very useful to a newbie when a user manual is not yet available.

most of them are IOS editor universal keyboard shortcuts. And in MN3 , if you hold cmd button in a certain interface,it will be displayed with different shortcuts list.

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Thanks for the sharing! As a keyboard heavy user, here is some additional shortcuts I find most useful:

  • cmd+1: switch to document reader mode
  • cmd+2: switch to study mode
  • cmd+u: go home (I mostly use it to switch to review mode)
  • cmd+d: show “table of contents” popup for current document
  • cmd+opt+u: turn on “emphasize mode”

Just download the cheatsheet Mac app and hold command within MarginNote, then all the shortcut will show up, they are HUGE, 10 times more than the shortcuts you list here

Some shortcuts is not contained, most of them are system universal shortcuts.