Sorry, but I give up for the moment

Don’t know what’s going on, but for me Marginnote isn’t usable at the moment.

Inconsistent behaviour between iPad and MacOS version with OCR for German language. On my iPad the OCR works better than on my Mac, but now all excerpts are converted to lower case. Why happens that?

Every other PDF reader Luquid Text, DevonThink which uses also Abby Finereader included, hasn’t such OCR problems. Syncing between MacOS and iPad isn’t reliable, better as in earlier version but noch fast enough for a instant switch between platforms.

Actually Marginnote ist a time taker not a time saver, sadly because the concept of the App ist very good…


OK. can’t let it go :wink: Made a few additional tests.

  • If I switch online OCR to of it seems to work
  • If I switch to online OCR it didn’t. Example: “stützen” (Offline an correct) / “stiitzen” (Online OCR) → “ü” is converted to “ii” or “ä” is concerted to “a”, “ö” is concverted to “o”

It seems that online OCR will identify all Latin letters as English, so Umlaut can note be recognized.
Not sure it’s Abbyy’s problem or just the developer hard coded it.

For me biggest problem is syncing. Yesterday I synced all my devices. Today is stuck on fetching data again.

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Thanks for the hint :slight_smile: I have MacOS with English as the default language. Maybe that’s the reason. I will test again after switching to German language for MacOS. I give feedback after a test.

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