Spaced Repetition System Customization


Just started using MarginNote3, and it seems great. A couple of quick questions.

  1. Would it be possible to customize the intervals of the spaced repetition system? Right now, it starts at 2h, 1d, and 2d when you first review a card. After you review the card, it later jumps to other options, such as 5d and 9d. I would love to be able to customize this so that I can control the amount of time that it lists (e.g., so that I can change it so a brand new card can be reviewed in 1 hr, 3 days, or 5 days, for example).

  2. Before moving to MarginNote, I used Flashcard Hero. This app has a similar spaced repetition system, but the options it gives users when they are reviewing cards are different. It gives you three options: hard (this quizzes you on the card again after you have reviewed 3 more cards), medium (this repeats the card after the app shows you 7 more cards), and easy (this marks the card as completed and schedules it to be reviewed again later, with a longer interval than the review you just completed. For example, if it had been 3 days since you last reviewed the card before the current review session, the next review might be scheduled for 6 days in the future). MarginNote3 currently lumps all the cards you miss (that you mark as “hard”) at the end of the review. This new implementation would make it so that a “hard” card would be seen again after you review the three cards after it, preventing this lumping of difficult cards at the end of the session. Hopefully that makes sense. I’d be more than happy to provide more details if necessary.


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Hello, jbeales,
In a short term, your idea may not be implemented. I’m sorry.:worried: