Speech function


Hello, I use a lot the Speech functionality and my Margin Note in the mac is stucked in one of those funny IOS American voices. Is there any way to choose a different voice? I would like to use a British one but I couldn’t manage to do that and the app keep using the funny voice which is no longer funny :joy:. Thank you.


You can change the default voice in mac accessibility settings. I am using ‘Alex’.



I have the same issue. I tried to change the voice in the Accessibility pane but this did not do anything with the voice used by MN3. It even does not react on a change of language…

Thx for an otherwise GREAT product!!!



Make sure you changed the default voice in Accessibility → Speech settings and not Accessibility → Voiceover settings.


It would be great if the user could choose his preferred voice and language.


same problem - tried all the above and changed every single voice option to the one i like. but MN3 uses the annoying voice. it would be great if they fix this