Still the disappearing of nodes or a part of mind maps occurs

I have reported about the disappearing of some nodes or a part of mind map a few months ago by email. Still this is happening very often and it’s is very annoying. I have also updated MN to the latest version. I am using the ipad version of MN.

I don’t know this only happens with relatively largely branched mind map.
Why can’t you give priority to solve this bug soon, as this is a major bug.
I can give you screenshots if you want.

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Sorry for the bad experience, but we have observed that the brain map interface does have a refreshing problem in its display. We are looking for a specific factor that could recreate this, culd you send us the notebooks where this happens more frequently? This can provide us with a sample solution to this problem.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

How to send such a large file?
With the documents each notebook backup file is about 1GB -1.5Gb in size.
Without the documents each notebook backup file is about 100-500Mb in size.
What and how should I send?

Very important
I have noticed that the disappearing occurs mostly-
*when adding new excerpts to mind maps or
*when zooming in/out.


Generally, large mindmaps are susceptible to partial disappearance due to rendering issues. We are working on optimizing our mindmap system, but it takes some effort. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, you can try to use focus mode more and try to use idea boxes so that your mindmap could be smaller and easier to render. We hope that this could help improve the situation.

Kind Regards,
Support Team