Stop line numbers from pdf margin from appearing when annotating on iOS

I really often read articles as preprints (not yet published by scientific journal), many of them have number along every line of text (it should help when making review/technical correct).

Most modern pdfs readers doesn’t copy these lines when copying text. I managed to change the default behaviour on Mac (so it now doesn’t copy it), but I cannot change this when using iOS app (I have numbers in a middle of sentences when annotating fragments on iOS)

Here is example pdf

How to change this behaviour, so the numbers stop appearing?
Below example how bad this is from my app.



No,it doesnt’t work; I don’t need to make thosenumbers disappear from my pdf ,I want to make it disseapear from my annotations; even when I crop pdf and make them diss æ per visually, these numbers are stilll copied to annotation. Mac version of Marginnote could somehow omit these numbers in output, also others pdf reader like PDF Master could do that. Until situation could be solved I need to switch to other apps on my Ipad for annotating my pdfs.

It works!! But I needed to by really careful in cropping, sometimes even the side-numbers were cropped they still appeared in the annotation!