Storage problem

Mn4 uses too much storage. Meanwhile 1,1 Gigabyte! That’s too much for a few documents. Can you please solve that problem!

Wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention. You are right. Adding about 30 one-word cards added roughly 70 megabytes to MNs iCloud storage. That is crazy! Fortunately I use it for quickly parsing reading material before bringing those notes into another system so it won’t completely ruin the product for me. It does, however, prevent me from considering any long-term storage of my notes in MN if I might choose to do so.

I found choosing Clear buffer to free storage space cut the storage in half, but doing anything briefly in the app caused it to start growing by leaps and bounds again so this might need to be done very frequently:

I use “clear buffer” as well but nevertheless still too much storage. This problem did not exist in MN3. I hope they will fix it soon because I am really working a lot with documents and studies.