Studying Flashcard in MN3

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Is spaced practice and interleaving supported in MN3?

I was thinking whether MN3 could replace a flashcard system/app like Anki?

I bought the app yesterday so I’m still very new to this.

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There is some algorithm based on how you rate cards on how well they are to remember: Hard, Good, Easy.

The built in flashcard tool is fairly decent. Being able to directly see the context of a flash card in the document and mind map is very helpful for retention I find.

It’s also possible to export to Anki if you prefer, which handily provides a direct link that takes you back to the relevant part of the mindmap in MarginNote - so there is pretty good integration.



Thx for Jun’s solution. By the way , we’re working on improving review system and enhance the anki-like card mnemonics.

We’re looking forward for more advices about review entrance.

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I used 4-5 hours to really understand the app. I have also written a lot of feedback. I will post it when it’s ready.

I have the macOS and iOS version.

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