Studying with constantly updating pdfs

I am using a pdf to study, and have done 50 pages from it.
My friend updates page no 51-100 to include relevant explanations. Previous pages from page 1 to page 50 are not changed at all.Is it possible for me to take his updated pdf and replace my page no 51 - 100 so I have his relevant explainations?

As medical students we do this a lot across many subjects. Often the updates are as small as the next 25 pages where a particular person is always ahead. I could always import his new pdf but that way I will have like 30 pdfs of the same textbook, from which I have studied only 25 pages each. Which is very messy to revise and study from and takes too much storage space too.

Is there a better solution where marginnotes can recognise/update the changes, or I can export the pdf and change pages on my windows laptop and reimport them - while still maintaining my notes and flashcards associated with the pdf?

When he share (or when you take the file) Your friend should use “same name” for file (or change it to original name when you took), so all highlights he added, will be screened on same file you have when he shared to you.

For example, he added some highlights to “A” file , but if he changed the file name “A(1)”, than your MarginNote won’t add his highlights the original document, and you will get so many same pdfs with different named.

Hi,Thanks for quick reply.
I tried this but the annotations and notes did not get updated.
Please see screenshot