Sub-Documents in Sub-Mindmaps

Following Scenario:

Im studying an Topic XY and need to import some Documents for it.
I create a Mindmap for XY and also create some child mind-maps for it.
Since the child-mind maps not obviously needs all the documents than for the main-mindmap, it would be handy to somehow “ignore” some documents.
Just like a own “manage documents” for child mind-maps, with options to include “all documents from main-mindmap” or
“own documents”.

I offered a very user-friendly and exhensive solution to this here: Only eleven document tabs are shown in the tab bar at a time.😔 - #2 by ekaologik

A good way to tackle this problem would be, to whether implement a “page”-view for tabs. Like you have 55 Documents → 11 Documents/page → 5 Pages.

Another (i would prefer that) solution would be, to give the user the option to hide some documents. Following scenario:

I have 50 Documents imported but I just want to study 3 right now

  • In the option “Manage” i could set an extra toggle for “focusing” on specific > documents.
  • After I set that checkbox for the 3 Documents, only 3 are shown in the tab-bar, but the rest would remain imported in the mind-map.