Suggestion: Promote Note button

The outliner has a button to outdent notes when tapping a note.

It is quite difficult to promote a note to a higher level in the mind map. Hence it would be great if a similar button existed for the mind map in the below menu:

Here it is. When enter this mode, all the nodes could move or outdent/indent with finger.

Dear Lanco

I am aware of this function but again this only applies to the Outliner; there is no way to promote notes in the mind map. This is what would be helpful.


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I think this comes down to balancing ease of use and complexity: Within the mind map I find it much more natural to just drag and drop the note to the place within the hierarchy that I want. While it works a little differently - i.e. creates an empty note if I outdent -, I feel it is not something that would improve the user experience compared to the added complexity/ confusion. I could see people mistaking it for a formatting option of the text within the note and thus changing their mindmap unwillingly.

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