Summary of a summary’s children is funky but not functional

As per title and video

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So sorry that we currently do not support to summarise the children of a summary.
An alternative approach could be to ‘Regroup’ the children of your summary.

Hope this helps.

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QSD - Support Team

Thanks as always for letting me know. Please allow for such things in the future. That little jag in the line between the summary and the group is kind of distracting :wink:

EDIT: And if I can make one small correction: you may not ‘support’ it but you do ‘allow it’ and if you allow it then it should function as expected, otherwise you have to somehow disallow it which seems more trouble than just allowing it to work but I don’t know the code so I might be wrong there.

Allowing functionality that is not intentional and having it ‘break’ does not improve people’s perceptions of your software.

And to be fair here, I love almost everything about MarginNote. It has become a central and vital part of my workflow. Not a day goes by I don’t do something with it and I don’t even use the review mode.


Thank you so much for your advice. Our team will discuss this and hopefully to allow this function in a short period of time (please forgive us for not having done it, because a "Summary" node is quite different from normal cards, and it is not quite often that one needs to summarise a summary's children.)

We very much hope you enjoy using Marginnote.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any advice / question.


QSD - Support Team

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