Support Categories/Folders selection when adding new Document in Study?


At present, if I want to add more Documents into a specific Study, I need click Manage and then either choose the Documents shown in the Library section or search them by keywords (I guess it is a filename search plus content search). But this choosing or search is done in the pool of ALL Documents. It is sometimes not easy to locate the right Documents.

There are Categories/Folders features to support the users to better file the Documents. Is it possible to add a new filter option to allow the user to select particular Categories/Folders? My suggestion is to change the description Library into Whole Library and then put a ā€œvā€ symbol next to it to tell the user that there is a pull-down menu. After clicking Whole Library, user can select either Categories/Folders and then go to the right levels where he files the Documents.

Will consider this suggestion and optimize adding docs to study, thanks.

Hi Min,

I just found another workflow to do the job. So, you can lower the priority of this new feature.

In past, I always filed the documents first before using it in Study. Now, I import the documents to the corresponding Study first. After that, I will move the imported documents to the correct folder. Changing the workflow a little bit could solve my problem.

Thanks for this feedback.