Sync is still buggy

This week’s iCloud outage completely screwed all my mindmap notebooks. I was sick, stuck in bed and used the time to excerpt my reading backlog on my iPad. All very nice, and fine, but during syncing to the iCloud, iCloud shortened out, and left broken notebooks all over. I still had my work on the iPad, but I could not get it back on my mac. Despite the “download from cloud” option I only got the mindmap, but not the books associated with the notes. It took quite a couple of clone manoeuvres and "download from cloud: cycles to retrieve working copies of the notebook. The iCloud outage seems to have deactivated cloud sharing of the associated books. I had to hunt them down individually and reenable cloud sync. It would be nice, if there was an option to deal with the broken sync files in bulk.


We are very sorry for this. The synchronization problem is one of the key issues that our recent team has been solving, and the technical arguments have been completed to support multiple synchronization methods, including webdav, in the future.

Kind Regards,
Support Team