Syncronizing MarginNote3 on Mac with MN2Pro on iPad

Heelo Guys!
I am very, very new here … I found MarginNote yesterday and today I am trying to use it! It is just AMAZING! But, please … I need some help …

I have MarginNote 3 on my Mac & MarginNote 2 on iPad (just 2, cause it is an old iPad) …

I have no idea about HOW to work on the same documents from my Mac AND from my iPad …

Can You help me please?

Many thanks!

You need MN3 on both, sorry to say but somewhat expected I guess :slight_smile:


I have a first gen iPad Pro and it works great but that is likely newer than yours?

Well … Expected, yes … :slight_smile:

But (cause I do not what to change my iPad) … I could use MN 2 Pro on my Mac … Correct ???

I’m also new to MN, but I’ve been only using MN3 and the synch has worked flawlessly for me. From the posts I’ve read synching has been rough so I can only make the assumption that MN2 is a bit sketchy there.

I do like the look of MN2 but MN3 has so many advances and it flows really well.

If MN could supply me with MN2 on iPad and Mac I can certainly test it out.

MN2 works GREAT with iPad and Mac … Maybe I’ll go to MN3 when I’ll change my iPad, but for now the v2 is great! :slight_smile:

Many thanks.
Pietro :slight_smile:

Fantastic to hear. It has boosted my studying to such levels that I’m outperforming everyone else in my class, it’s ridiculous what this tool can do. It can only get better with more features but as it is, it works brilliantly.

Yeah !!!
You are absolutely RIGHT !!!

It makes You take the time to organize and memorize, summarize … and have a Grand Strategy! This is AMAZING!

I’ve just opened another thread, if You want to have a look and help me a bit more! :smile:
Split the Map into a multiple page PDF :smile:

Thank You in any case. And have a lovely evening/day!


We are so delighted that you are enjoying our software, it means so much to us!

Sadly, yes, you cannot synchronise between MarginNote X(the 2nd generation) and MarginNote 3, because there are so many differences between two generations that causes a lot of stability issues when one generation tries to analyze the notebooks from another one (especially X tries to analyze notebooks from 3).

However, every notebook in MN2 can be transferred to MN3.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

No problem guys! It is fantastic by the way and I am happy like this! :smile:
Have a nice day!
Pietro :slight_smile:


No worries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any advice or questions.

Kind Regards,
Support Team