Tabs for openning multiple documents



I’d like to ask whether it’s possible to open multiple docs in tabs under the document mode? Now it’s not convenient to switch among different docs, especially if the docs belong to different folders or categories.



Just to be clear, you are asking for a feature equivalent to what is already possible in PDFExpert I presume?



Yes, if this feature has not been included in Marginnote 3 yet. I found it is quite time-consuming to switch among papers especially for the ones under different folders/categories.



Document mode only supports single-file reading and henceforth has no such multi-tab features.
In MarginNote 3, study mode is true powerhouse with this multi-tab feature and much more.


Thanks for your reply. If I’d like to open different docs in multiple tabs under study mode, the docs must be added into the same notebook; however, for most of the time I don’t want to add them to any notebook. And the opened docs are usually random combinations, so it’s weird to save different docs into notebook just in order to open them…

And, based on my naive thinking, adding the tab feature under document mode will not ruin the main logic of this App?