Tags - nesting and alphabetical

Hi Margin Note:

r.e. TAGS

I would like you to have a place where you can actually create TAGS in the settings, rather than just on the fly in the actual document. I also want this because I desperately want nested tags. If I use a tag: KW_Emotions and KW_Memory and Action_Review and Action_Research etc, I want these to nest under: ‘KW’ and ‘Action’

And, even more important is that when you are in the study mode and adding tags, it must be possible to keep the tags in order alphabetical. I hate the fact that tags jumble around, I have dyslexia and visual attention problems, I never know where to look when tags keep moving position in the list. better is to have an alphabetical system so I always scroll down to the relevant alphabetical letters!

Thanks and really enjoying the new clean look of Margin Note - so good!

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