Tap and Hold in Highlight Mode

When in Selection mode with the Apple Pencil, it is possible to tap and hold to switch to highlighting text - which is a great feature.

It would be very helpful if a similar feature existed the other way around - so when tapping and holding in Highlight mode, the Apple Pencil switches to selecting text instead.

I often need to make highlights and occasionally merge text or set text as a highlight. I would like to quickly do the latter without having to switch tools.


Suggest to use Hand Tool in your occasion.The Hand icon is called Universal hand once a while, these options will help you use Hand better. Other tools is just specialized using.

Hey, Lanco

The hand tool is fine but it means I need to tap to highlight every time.

For my workflow, I need to highlight a lot (so highlight mode is convenient), but sometimes I need to select text instead and use ‘Merge’ or ‘As title’ instead of creating a highlight, if this makes sense to you? Switching to the hand tool and then back is inconvenient.

For the hand tool, it is possible to tap and hold in order to highlight instead of select.
For the select tool, it would be great if it were possible to tap and hold in order to select instead of highlight.