Text acting like a link

On certain ebooks, the following situation occurs:

I open the book to any page and see the plain text. If I tap on any section of the text for any reason (highlighting, looking up, etc), all of the text on the page “lights up” and turns blue as if it were a hyperlink. When I remove my stylus, the text returns to normal. It is odd and distracting. It doesn’t happen in every ePub file, but it does happen in about a quarter of them.These same ebooks render normally in other ebook reader programs and apps.

Below are some examples.
Image 1 is a page as it initially appears.
Image 2 is when I tap on any portion of the text.
Image 3 is when I highlight a word.

When I tap on the text:

In some books, it happens throughout the entire book.

Sometimes it only affects one paragraph at a time.

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