Text Excerpt always misses a last character in specific pdf format!

Hi, I’m Sangwook.

I use MarginNote3 on my 13inch MacBook Pro (Latest Version) and iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

There is a bug about Text Excerpt in Mac version.

I always read papers from ACM(Association for Computing Machinery) with MN3.

But, Text Excerpt always misses every last character of highlighted sentences.

I think the pdf format from ACM has a problem. Because the paper from WWW(The Web Conference) doesn’t have same problem.

However, iPad version doesn’t have problem either. I think this problem only appears in Mac version.

I can handle this by highlighting one more character, but it is so annoying ㅠㅠ…

I attached a screenshot and example paper. Try it!

Thank you.

Example ACM Paper, please don’t share with others!

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The same has occurred to me also and even full stops are being missed, this is annoying when dealing with a lot of excerpts, cos it has to be corrected manually.
This bug occurs on the Ipad.

Hello, Woogler,

Thanks for the information provided. Some users have informed us of the same issue and we have recorded the problem in our tracking and managing archives.


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